Hi, It’s Nancy!

I have loved being crafty & making things by hand from a young age but I remember making jewelry during a playdate at a friend's house when I was around 11 years old & I was hooked. From then on, it’s been a passion of mine to learn everything I could about crafting jewelry.

A few of my favorite things

  1. Foodie at heart
  2. Love to Travel & explore new places
  3. I’m happiest anywhere I can feel the sand between my toes & the ocean breeze on my face.
  4. Favorite Shows - Friends, Sex & The City, The Orville
  5. Sci-Fi Fan! Star Wars, Star Trek, & The Orville
  6. My other passion is cooking

How it’s going…

In September 2021 after years of making special pieces as gifts for friends & family, I took a leap of faith & said yes to an opportunity to have my jewelry in a local boutique in Buckeye, Arizona (Screws & Sparkles) & I guess you could say the rest is history - or rather, just the beginning! I quit my job in May 2023 to focus on Rhys & Avery full time. I’m still navigating running a small business but one thing is for sure - I love making unique jewelry!

I hope my pieces inspire you & give you that inner confidence to be fabulous every day. So, thank you for being on this journey with me & giving me the opportunity to do what I love to do.